Not heating as expected error

I have been getting the following error: 0004 and then Key: 2507 not heating as expected. I ordered a new hot end(The upgraded version) and plan on installing it Monday evening. Does this sound like what my problem is or is it possibly something else? I usually get 1 or 2 25-30 minute prints before I get this error. If I shut down the machine for 30 minutes or so, it will print again as above before I get the error gain

Run a PID tune. How does the temperature graph in the web interface look like?

How do I do this? I tried Ponterface but the computer does not see the printer.

Current firmware, expert settings in the printer menu.

Finally had time to update the firmwre and run the test. The gaph howe a nice even progression up to temp. It was a bit wavy, ranging from around 234 to240 degrees then a nice even cooling progression.