Not printing but 100% complete

I just got my Ender-5 S1 and printed the rabbit, which worked fine.

Then I downloaded a big design from, which also worked fine, so the printer is working.

But other designs doesn’t print.

As soon as I press start, the progress bar goes to 100%, as if it was finished, but all the printer do is moving the head to the upper right corner.

I use Creality Slicer v. and the firmware is 1.0.6

What are you trying to print?

I have tried to print a portafilter holder

and a shopping coin (I can’t put a link, because only 2 links are allowed)

and a small home made design.

All 3 didn’t work.

The one that does work is a big design

Well the files are a STL so it’s compatible. Have you tried re formatting the USB drive? I’m assuming you’re using a USB drive or are the Enders S1 lan/wifi? I have a K1 so I’m more familiar with that.

Have you tried printing anything els?

The one thing that was able to print have you re tried printing that again? I don’t mean fully print it but it starts to do a first layer where as you’re saying it does jack now. I’m asking because maybe something is wrong with the printer and now it’s just not printing anything. It would be a good way to figure out is it a file issue or something bigger.

I’m using a SD card. I have tried the SD which came with the printer, and another SD card, which I have formated. Same result with both cards.

I have printed the test rabbit which was on the delivered SD card. No problem.

I havde retried to print the one thing I was able to print, and that is still working.

So I think the printer works fine.

I have also tried to generate the g-code in 2 different programs (Creality Slicer and Creality Printer)

I have generated the g-codes on a MacBook. I tried 2 different slicer programs.

Creality Slicer v. and Creality Print v.4.3.8-6984

Now I tried on a Windows PC with Creality Print v.4.3.8-6984 and that worked :slight_smile:

So it must be a problem with the IOS software.

I tried to compare the g-code files, but there are a lot of differences. I also uploaded all 3 versions to an online g-code validator, and all were valid.

But I found a solution, and will use a Windows PC in the future.

Not sure if this will work but try shortening the file name.

I already use short names

Got it… :+1:

I would recommend checking for firmware updates for the printer and would also recommend checking the probe if you have one attached to the printer. Sometimes the probe can get stuck and cause the printer to stall the print process and indicate 100% on the screen.