Not printing right size. Ender 3 V2

I have been printing for about a year. I have printed mostly things that do not need a specific size. I have printed lighter holders without issue. Recently I tried a holster for a leatherman tool and the sizes were not right. Height was ok but the hole where the tool goes was off. The tool will not insert. Not sure what to check. Any help[ would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @marnat3 and welcome to the forums.

There are several things to check when it comes to dimensional accuracy. Ideally you will want to calibrate your temperature with a temperature tower to make sure your not running the filament too hot or too cold. Then you would ideally need to do a retraction test and a flow rate test. You will likely find that if you perform these 3 tests you should get pretty good dimensional accuracy.

Also as a side note check that the belts on your printer havent become slightly loose.