Not really epic build of a spool winder 2

Well here we go again, this build is based on about 5 thingyverse builds but totally redrawn/redesigned in Autodesk Inventor, took about an hour. It is printing now, should take about 14 hours. Don’t think I could cram any more on that tiny build plate. I’ll try and find the timelapse when it is done.

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Wow… Nice…! :+1:

That build plate is really busy.
What’s the color going to be…?

Black PLA on a Fysetc PEI build plate, my favoured build plate, attempting this without glue stick, if I were on my other machines I would be using glue stick. It is an absolutely rammed full build, if I auto arranged it wouldn’t fit so I manually adjusted it so that it does. 53% in and all printing fine, 5 hours to go. I shall provide pics of course when finished. A picture at about 24%

I’m still impressed at how that new light is doing it’s thing. Really brightens up the place… :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

All printed just needs a little fettling to get the thread to work, no a bad print though.

Its Sunlu recycled PLA, not sure I will buy it again, doesn’t print quite as nice as other filament, but being recycled it is better I suppose.