Nothing showing up in the Timelapse tab anymore

Using Creality Print with Device selected in the middle of the screen on the left there is a section with: File Records Timelapse Video
Usually after a print in the Timelapse Video I can find the job I just printed and view it but it stopped working. I cleaned up all the files (deleted everything) but still no Timelapse Video, there is nothing in the User guide about Timelapse Video, I’m at a loss here.

On the printer screen have you enabled it in the Camera settings…?

Settings / Camera / Camera settings / Enable time-lapse photography

It has been working until today, I know now where to delete all the files on the K1 screen, you can’t from the PC. I checked the settings, the timelapse was still enabled. Last time this happened I had a file in timelapse that had garbage for the size and name, had to ‘Reset’ the firmware to clean it up, guess I’ll try that next.