Nothing sticking

I can’t seem to get anything to stick to the glass plate and thus NOTHING prints. What am I doing wrong? I am using all the printer defaults and have made sure everything is level.

@otlit Welcome to the Creality forum…!!! Hopefully we can help. I’m still kind of a beginner also and have had the same issues with sticking to the build plate.
Are you using any kind of adhesive (glue stick, hair spray, “Bed Weld”) ??

Review of different adhesives.

Troubleshooting guide for prints not sticking.

Let us know what you find that works for you…!!

Tried those, but they seem to just dry out, once the bed has heated up.

They are supposed to dry out and then you start a print. The one I use needs to have a 60C temp to dry and then it really holds good…
If you get a chance share a picture of the problem. I’ve only used PLA.

I am using a textured plate so maybe the glue doesn’t work well on glass…?

Greetings! Let’s see if we can resolve your troubles and get you printing! If you could post a pic with what happens it’d be very helpful.
Some defaults aren’t quite as dialled in as you may wish, I heat the bed to 60c for PLA and print the initial layer at 60mm/s (K1Max). I make sure to clean the bed with at least 1 scrub of 100% isopropyl, if things are kinda dirty, I’ll hit it with non-acetone nail polish remover.(Ethyl acetate being the primary solvent there).
I don’t use adhesives except for special circumstances. So may I ask what filament you are using and the temperature (Bed and nozzle)?
Also the printer you are using? Different machines are better at diff speeds.
Anywho, this site has helped me more than any others:

Hope it helps and please let us know how you made out!