Nozzle Cleaning Ender 3 S1 Plus Problem

Starting to print but, My Ender 3 shows a picture of Nozzle cleaning. With ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Hitting ‘No’ sends me back to the Home screen, but hitting ‘Yes’, the screen doesn’t change. I’ve tried a ‘cold pull’ but it still shows the Nozzle cleaning picture. I can’t find any instructions about what to do now…please help!!!

  1. During the printing process, check whether the fan on the side of the printhead kit is rotating normally, if not, the heat dissipation is insufficient to lead to plugging and jamming, replace the fan/adapter board (you can measure the fan terminal voltage at the adapter board first);
  2. heat the nozzle manual extrusion supplies to see if the material can be normal, such as can not be, according to the cleaning of the throat video to do the first cleaning (
  3. Remove the extrusion mechanism to check whether the feed end is deformed or worn, if so, please replace it.
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After working at this all morning and not getting any where I even went so far as to change the print nozzle. I got on a chat with Roy from Creality.
He recommended several things and nothing worked. I decided to move the printer from my work room back to my office to make things easier working with Creality. When I turned the printer on , this time the problem disappeared. Was able to print parts. No explanation, but thanks so much for your help.