Nozzle size in printer name. Why?

Is there a way to change the name of your printers in Creality Print? Because when setting up the printers there is no way to choose any nozzle size other than 0.40. It then names the printer WITH THAT nozzle size! “Ender-5 Plus_0.4 nozzle” and “CR-30_0.4 nozzle” I use 0.6 nozzles, and want them (well those 2 anyway) named correctly. I know it’s a small thing…

Click on Printer name:



Then you can create a profile for your 0.6 nozzle and name it.


Hope that helps a little…

G’day @jimandyen
Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn’t found that method of getting there, only from the tools menu.
Went down the process of creating another E-5 Plus, but the the nozzle drop-down (which has 0.4, 0.6 & 0.8 for the K1 Max) only has 0.4. Used the 0.4 option. To add to it, I named the new printer “Ender-5 Plus_0.6 nozzle” thinking that I’d just go through and change the settings for the new one. But… the software had named my new printer “Ender-5 Plus_0.6 nozzle_0.4 nozzle” - yep, tacked on the nozzle even though I didn’t want it.
I mean, really, it’s just a name. I only have one E-5 Plus so I know I’ve got a 0.6 nozzle in it, and I’ve modified the printer config to what I’ve got. But it would sure be nice if we could select the nozzle size at installation, or add with the size nozzle we have. Perhaps @Collin could have a chat with the programming gurus to get that added?
Anyhow, it works, I can live with the name!

New can change the printer name and modify the nozzle parameters. But other print parameters need to be reconfigured as well, or something will go wrong.

By default the nozzle parameter is not supported for modification, Creality Print will consider it in the next version.

Thank you @Collin for clarifying. I’ll keep an eye out in future versions of Creality Print for the enhanced method.