Nozzle Temperature is too Low Error

I just got an Ender-3 V3 SE and when I first try to use the interface to level it, I’m getting an error that says that the nozzle temperature is too low. Any thoughts?

Hi @MurphDawg and welcome to the forums.

Please check the printer and make sure you have the voltage selection switch in the correct position. They usually ship in the 230v position so if you are in a region with 110/115v mains electric then you will need to move the switch to 115v.

Hi @Nikoli, I can confirm that I did set the voltage to 115 volts.

Thanks for confirming. I would recommend checking over the printer for any loose connections. It sounds like it could be the thermistor in the hotend is not correctly reading the temperatures. Double check all your wiring and connections to be sure nothing is loose. I would also recommend checking the mainboard connections too just in case the thermistor connection is not fully secured.

I need to take a more thorough look at it, but at first glance, nothing looks off.

I took a closer look both under the mainboard and in the hot end. The wiring looked alright. Nothing seemed loose or disconnected.

You would usually remove the silicone sock from the heater block so that you an inspect the thermistor and its wiring. Often the thermistor is held in place by a screw, try loosening the screw and then tighten back up but only lightly, it should not be overtightened.

The thermistor screw appears to be in there really tight. I can’t loosen it with the Allen wrench.

It definitely sounds to me like the thermistor is the issue and it being over-tightened also points to that being the possible cause.

At this point I would recommend contacting the support team as they will likely want to send you out a replacement hotend to rectify the issue. You can contact them via email but its recommended to use the live chat either on the website, Creality cloud app or the facebook support group. Usually the facebook live chat is easier as I believe you can also send pictures via that platform without having to revert to email.

Creality Support - Facebook

Normally it is a problem of temperature sensor or thermistor, do not get carried away by creality, they will make you buy the whole hot end for nothing, it is better that you go to aliexpress where you will find two of each for 6$, and you can change it yourself at home, they also have a video where they teach the whole process of checking with multimeter to make sure that in case that is not the fault you can know what it is and do not be fooled, if you have warranty and the hot end goes perfectly you have to change the motherboard, or any of the components in poor condition, any questions you have let me know, I attach video link: