Nozzle won't go down to bed. Allways stays about 1 cm above

I am using Creality Ender-3 S1 Pro.
First month or so everything went good.
Recently, noozle is to high from the bed and I can’t fix it with automatic leveling. I was trying to fix it with screws under the bed and also with side screws, but without succes.
Is anyone having the same problem or know how to solve it?

Is there a way too high z-offset value set? The leveling probe works as expected otherwise?

I would try factory reset before you change too many other settings and see what happens…

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Thanx people.
I seem to have been confused by the icons on the interface. When leveling, the icon is showing the picture of the platform going up and down, but actually the head was going up and down, so I was constantly doing the opposite of what I wanted and the leveling was, of course, wrong. Everything is fine now. Although I still don’t understand the relationship between the manual screws under the bed
and digital leveling.

Took me while to get my head round my Ender 5 plus as that does have a bed that moves up and down rather than a bedslinger. Glad you got it sorted.