NTP doesn't work - always Mar 1, 2020

My K1 Max always has the date of Mar 1, 2020 when it starts up. I can set the date by SSHing in, but it will reset after restart. I’ve tried altering ntp.conf, with no success. I’ve been trying to figure out how to disable NTP altogether, such that manually setting the date once would resolve the issue, but no luck figuring that out either.

I’ve found various “solutions” involving installing various scripts and commands and such, but this shouldn’t be necessary.

Just curious but where are you seeing the time /date…?
I must have missed it on mine… :frowning:
Did you set the time zone…?

Yes, I set the timezone. But that wouldn’t affect the date regardless. You can see the dates it thinks it is in the file lists in Device > Details view in Creality Print. The various file lists are sorted chronologically, but that’s messed up by the resetting date/time… unless I leave it on all the time.

Like this section here… My times look ok though… I wouldn’t know how to change the times…
I would think the time is set automatically from the network…but like you said that’s not working… :frowning: