Occaisional head temperature drop with PETG

I’ve just recently tried printing with PETG, after having great success with PLA. I’ve noticed that the head temperature will drop from its setting of 230 to around 205 part way through the print. I’ve looked at the Cura settings and there doesn’t appear to be anything that might cause the change. The resulting prints have failed, unless I step in and raise the head temperature back to where it was originally set.
Does anyone have any thoughts as to what might cause this?
Thank you!

Do you have a silicone sock on the hotend for thermal insulation?
Did you check the GCODE, like not the slicer profile but the actual GCODE, for all the temperature change commands? Is there one that would explain it?

Thank you for your response. I do have a silicone shroud on the nozzle, however, your suggestion of checking the GCODE is a good one and I will do that!

I examined the GCODE for any codes related to hot end temperature and found none! Might there be a method to test the detection of temperature to see if it varies? Is it time to replace the hot end (again!)?