Online Registratioin for Warranty Coverage

Where do you register your new printer for the warranty. The website says to go to but I can’t find the exact link that would help.

Please register online at with your model name/serial number, and proof of purchase.

@Collin …any info on this…?

Don’t need to register. Just keep in hand a proof of purchase, serial number and your e-mail. These information will be needed if you open a support ticket.

Thanks for that info. :grinning: I understand how to do all that but the reason I was asking is because the website tells us we can register online also but there is no place to do that.

US Official Store:
DE Official Store:
EU Official Store:
UK Official Store:
AU Official Store:
CA Official Store:
JP official Store:

Go to Purchase Site Registration

Thank you sir,
Found the registration form. If anyone else needs to fill it out for the K1 Max this is the link:

Warranty Registration Form