PA calibration fail

Hi, I got a new nozzle (0.6 from Micro Swiss) and new filament so I am doing my calibration over. So far the temperature tower had only minor differences and looked great overall so I chose 210C and the flow calibration made me change my Material Flow from (default in the K1 Max 0.6 template) 95% to 110%.

Next on, I did the pressure advance test and was curious if it could help me with the problem that I always had a tendency to get holes in corners when printing (and people pointed me to wrong PA).

This is my test result:

and I am having a hard time to decide what to do with it.
Any advice?

Could it be that the default material “Hyper PLA 1.75” comes with PA disabled by default? I will now try to see what happens when I activate it.

Is there a better way to get better default material template?

Yeah, this is my new PA calibration from 0…0.06:

so my new PA is 0.023 - is it expected that a 0.6 nozzle gets a lower PA?

Hi @Brrainz and welcome to the forums.

I am not sure which slicer you are using but I know that OrcaSlicer has lots of calibration tests built into it and one of which is Pressure Advance tuning, they give you the option in that slicer to choose different models for the test, quite often most people find that the pattern type test is more often the best and easiest to read test.

It may be worth trying the tests from that slicer to see if you have better results.

Thanks, the default Creality Print tests were fine for me.