Painting Primed PLA problem

hello I know it’s not the best thread for the site but I have nowhere else to ask,I’m getting this problem when I am painting my PLA(primed),and used different acrylics but still,what I’m I doing wrong?thnx

Hard to tell from the pic but are you painting over some primer that you already put on the model…?

If you are then it could be two things that I’ve learned from my limited experience with painting…

The primer needs to fully dry and cure before you put the next coat on or the paint will react with it and make a mess.

Some enamel or lacquer primers don’t play well with other topcoats.

Find a primer and topcoat that are compatible.

Sorry I don’t know enough to make suggestions on what goes with what but it’s a start to help you I hope…

thnx for the answer,it’s primed with gray primer filler,same result,and read that you can paint it over an acrylic color that will do the same result,black paint as you can see,and then I tried to paint the color I wanted