Patchy Print/ clog?

I have been working all day at diagnosing this problem. At first i thought it was maybe the new filament i was using. I switched back to one i had sucess with recently. The Lines on the first layer arent being extruded evenly, and in some places arent extruded at all. The Extruder motor is working just fine but i noticed the filament isnt being moved at all. I adjusted the tension on the spring and that didnt help either. I then changed the nozzel for a new one. Didnt help. I Did some cold pulls to clear out the hot end. The tip seems to break off and stay in the machine every time i do this. i wasnt avle to get a good pull. and i feel like there is a large blockage preventing the filament to extrude properly. After messing with it for so long i cant even feed the filament in by hand easily (when at temp)
Its an ender 3 neo.

That looks somewhat like what happened to me. It looks like it was extruding but in the blank spots that’s where it wasn’t hitting the plate(?). In my case it was adjusting the Z offset. When I did things got much better. I also tightened my belts.