Pause at layer on K1


I just upgraded from a Flashforge adventurer 3 to the K1 and I love it.

However I am missing a feature I used often.
Pausing at a certain layer to change filament.

I use Creality Print and it’s so different from the Flash Print slicer.

How do you all do a filament change? Someone told me to change the gcode but I don’t know how to do that in the slicer.

And is it possible to use Cura or Prusa slicer? And if I have to add a fff printer where so I find the right settings? Or is there like a profile?

And I want a 0.3 layer height profile? Can I just use the normal profile and just change the layer height? Or is there more that needs to change with a larger layer height?

Thanks in advance!

A happy 3d printer from Holland.

Hi, Dear K1 printer users, ,Thank you for your support and trust.

K1 Product Manual:

Cura or Prusa Slicer Manual:

@llleo12 K1 Power Boost Kit Event,Looking forward to your participation.


Hi Collin,

I wanted to order the kit but it says: This discount is not available to you
Is it just for US perhaps? I live in The Netherlands.

I typed the code that is on the white sticker next to the on/off button, is that the SN code?

Yes, anyone who can pay $$$ and has purchased a K1 printer can participate by entering your SN code and matching it successfully.

Hi IIIeo, Netherlands is available to the kit, too. And everyone who has purchased K1 and need to pay US dollar can get the kit. So just kindly check your SN code whether is entered the right number and be sure to pay via US dollars. :grinning:

Yes, SN code is on the white sticker next to the on/off button, as the image shown

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Thanks Christeng.
I contacted the Creality because I cannot enter the SN code again even though I couldnt order the kit.

@collin do you also have the profile that is mentioned in the manual at point 3 for the Cura slicing software?

Download Link:

I use Creality Print with my K1 Max. I just press the pause button on the machine. The extruder parks off to the side and change your color. When ready you can hit play… Hope that helps a little. :crossed_fingers: