Periodic Maintenance

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Recently picked up a K1 Max and have already put a lot of hours on it and was wondering if there’s a recommended maintenance schedule to keep the printer in good condition long term?

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In my experience the main thing is to keep it clean and some lubrication.

The X axis rails are self lubricating bushings so just cleaning them is good.
The Y axis rails are ball bearing so just clean and grease those periodically …
There is a small tube of grease that comes with the K1 Max. Not sure what kind it is but using EP1 high load grease is ok.

This is a guide Creality has on their WIKI site and they list some other items to check also:

K1 Max Maintenance

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Not sure how missed that link, answers pretty much everything.
Any chance you happen to know if the “Total time” on the about page is print time or system on time?