PETG high speed for K1

Any one have found a PETG that works good at High Speed ?

Still on the hunt for the perfect spool, but, I usually print fairly hot (+10-20c) over mfg suggested temps. For PETG, I put the bed at 80c.
This let’s me print at 240 mm/s but I’m trying to increase that…
I did print a mod to mount a 3010 fan over the extruder, which has done wonders.

Thanks, I use the same setting but a lower speed, any suggestion on brand ?

I’ve used eSun, Geeetech, and Polylite. I have an unopened spool of Creality and so far have yet to find fault with any of them.

I use a custom drybox/feeder that hovers around 12% humidity that can adjust via a shunt to my house furnace. Toss in a couple packs of desiccant once in a while for good measure. I even used an old spool of PLA a bit back (3 yrs old) and it printed nice.
I try a lot of brands to find bad ones and weed them out but my search for crappy filament is having seriously poor results…

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Thanks a lot

Does that mod improve the stringing that I always get with PETG.

Oh heck, at first, a spider would have been impressed with the results! I pulled back the retraction by 0.1mm at a time and slowed it down 5mm/s on opposite tests.
Did that so I could pinpoint the change instead of changing a bunch of settings at once, then scratching my head over what did what.
Problem now is, I have pizzed off all the spiders!