PLA does not stick to bed..... (bed temp set (defaults) - 50 deg (unknown if it is deg C or deg F)

Filament does not stick to bed… bed temp shows 50

Can you give us a little more info…? That 50 is most likely 50 Centigrade.

Filament Temp…?
Model printer?
Is this the first time this happened…?
What kind of glue if you are using any…?
What kind of bed is it…? Glass, Pei…etc…?
Bed level and Calibrated…?

Filament Temp = 185
Ender-3 Pro
Just Completed Assembly, first time trying to use
Glue? No.
Flexible Magnetic mat (came with printer) on top of metal bed
Bed Level and Calibrated - yes

Thank you for that info. I would try to use a glue stick or some of the other recommended glues for that printer. You don’t need much. I believe that would help some. Also bump up the build plate temperature depending on the glue. I set the bed temp to 60C on a K1 Max for Pla.
It might mention what kind to use in the printer manual. Some new printers even come with a glue stick… :star_struck:
The glue will help your project stick better to the build plate.
I use a product called Bed Weld which is a little expensive but definitely keeps things in place…
Bed Weld

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@Mikey ,

This Article might help out a little… :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mikey Any updates on this. Getting it to stick hopefully…?