Please advise with best settings to cut MDF

Hi. I got my Falcon (1) and Creality pump last week.
I burned & cut a Material Test with Lightburn’s Material Test Generator. I did this on 2.5mm MDF.
Is it better to cut with 2 passes going faster and lower power or 1 pass going slower with 100% power?

Thank you very much.

This is an interesting question.
I unfortunately can’t answer as I’ve just gotten my Falcon 2 22w recently, and work has kept me pretty busy so I haven’t played much with the tool yet.

But for sure, let me know if you ever find out! I’m really interested to know!

I was thinking this over and continued searching on the internet.
I found this which seem to make sense to me:
More passes or more power
You can take this as a starting point, but you should definitely try for yourself to see what works best for you.
I’ll do some tests when I have a chance to really start playing with my brand new toy :smiley:


Thank you very much for the reply. This really helps a lot.

I’ve done some test burn- and cutting tests. I used 3mm MDF which actually measures 2.2mm.
2 Passes: 500mm/sec and 70% power
3 Passes: 750mm/sec and 75% power

Please update my findings should you find a sweeter spot.

Thanks for your test results!
If you get the same results with both settings, I guess it comes down to the speed.
After all - aren’t we all in a hurry :interrobang: :slight_smile: