Predator Diorama

  • Model: (Redirecting...)
  • Printing Machine: Halot Mage Pro for Predator and Arnie , K1 Max for the rest
  • Selected materials: Creality Standard resin and PLA Matte
  • Print settings: Used default settings with tree supports and brim. shell was 2 layers, infill was 5% Gyroid in Creality Print for the filament. Used default settings with shelled model to 1.5mm. medium supports manually added in Halot box for the resin.
  • Time spent on printing: 5 Days
  • Description: Movie was great and just had to print this when i saw it. My wife is the painter as i cant paint to save my life. Combining the resin and filament printers allowed the detailed sections of the model to come out while using the bigger filament printer to handle the background. Predator diorama model is by Patreon user Wicked.
  • Original Designer:
  • Country/Region: The down under wonderland of AUSTRALIA