Print abruptly stops

Recently purchased Ender5 S1. Printed test object Rabbit with PLA ok twice now.
Switched to CR-PETG and made the recommended adjustments in Creality Slicer as per the documentation. Also update fimware to v1.0.7. Print starts ok even after multiple layers and then just abruptly stops. No error codes.
Flow, adhesion, temps stable. “Tips” screen says “Print stopped”. Any ideas?

Hi @brucew and welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear you are having print issues, I would recommend reslicing the file and also formatting the SD card if you are using one as sometimes the cards can become corrupt and sometimes as a result sliced files can also become corrupt.

Hopefully formatting the SD card and re-slicing the file should resolve the issue for you.

Nikoli, I did re-formst the SD card as it is required as part of the firmware update. I will try that again just to be sure. Can you confirm the settings sheet that was included is correct for CR-PETG filament (230nozzle, 70bed, 120mmspeed, 60%fan)

I have not used PETG myself but from what I do know the temperatures should usually be around… Nozzle: 230-250, Bed: 75-90.

It might also be worth trying to reduce your printing speed in case its struggling to heat the filament fast enough as it passes through the heat block.

There is something wrong with this unit.
I switched to PLA. Cleared the PETG fully.
Re-foramtted the SD card the full format method. Re-sliced the little boat.
Print failed half way through. It was doing nicely until it just stopped…

I would recommend opening a ticket with customer support to see if they are aware of any known issues that they could help resolve for you.

You can contact them via