Print Head Clogged Beyond Repair - Maybe

Hi Everyone.
I’ve recently purchase the Creality Ender-3 V3 KE after a lot of research, and it fit within my budget.

I’ve used about 300grams out of my first roll and the print head clogged so badly that I’ve had to completely remove the entire head.

I’ve included a photo. Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean all this off? It’s now very very hard.



Heatgun or hot hairdryer, heat it up and slowly and gently tease it away. Have had far worse and saved them. Be careful near the wires, biggest weakness of the ceramic hotend is you can’t swap out the thermistor easily like the old fashioned aluminium hotend. Perhaps look at a Microswiss Flowtech hotend as a replacement/backup in your spare parts box.

Hi there,

Thank you for the quick reply.
I’ve used a heat gun with a fine tip and some needle nose pliers to pull some of the hardened PLA away.

It’s amazing the damage that was done. Some of the aluminum fins were bent and the cover on the wires was melted back exposing the bare wires. I’m not sure if it can be recovered.

Looks like I may have to purchase a new one regardless. Shame as I’ve only had the printer for a couple weeks.