Print PETG-CF Bambu with K1C

Hello, the K1C printer is specialized for printing filament with carbon fibers. In the Creality slicer couldn’t find a profile for PETG-CF. Which settings are good to start with for Bambu Petg-CF? Is normal PETG good?
Would be good if Creality could provide an own PETG-CF filament and a profile in the Creality Slicer.

yes creality print 5.0 has that
look at these possibilities it has

look under material and search for Generic PETG CF
on this picture i selected generic petg but in your case you can select genric petg cf

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Yes that would be good. Downloaded Creality print 5 for Mac (v14.0). But on launch it crashes “The software closes abnormally,whether to open saved temporary file?”

Is there a cxprofile to download for Creality print 4?

Launched again, now it’s ther

For Bed type, which is the “Plate B - For Carbon”, is this textured PEI Plate?

Anyone tested Bambu PETG-CF with Creality print 5? Are settings good?

yes these are good settings

open it again and it will work



For Bed type, which is the “Plate B - For Carbon”, is this textured PEI Plate?

Yes it is for a textured B plate

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Anyone looking for settings for PETG-CF Bambu, these are working for me:
The Change Z offset I didn’t add.

In this profile speed is 300mm/s but on Bambu Petg-CF filament is <=200mm/s recommended, so changed values like from the post above

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