Print Scale is too small

I have upgraded to a CR-10 SE from an old ANET-8 and I am happy with the new printer, however all my prints are coming out too small :frowning: I am trying to print a tail light enclosure (previously printed OK on the Anet8) which is 12cm long and 5 cm width and height, however when printing has completed the length is lucky to be 7cm. I have searched on Google but no definitive answer/advice. Has anybody here had the same problem?

Hi @ZackG and welcome to the forums.

I would recommend checking that you have the correct profile selected in your slicer and that you havent adjusted the scale of the object when slicing.

If you are trying to use a gcode file what was sliced for your old Anet printer then you will need to re-slice the file for your CR-10 SE.

Thanks for replying, I have resliced in Creality Print and even Cura to see if there is a difference but output is the same, Is there such a thing a ‘master scale’ option on the printer itself?

Are you wanting to re scale the items to the correct size.? There is a way to do that in Creality Print if you can’t find another way…

What I am doing is creating my model in SketchUp to specific dimensions as they need to fit together with a prebuilt model (from elsewhere), exporting the stl file, loading into Creality Print, not changing any scale information, slicing and then WiFi printing. When I don’t this on My Anet8 they came out perfect size, but on the CR-10 SE they are smaller

When you import the model from SketchUp into your slicer software do the dimensions in the slicer match those you see in the SketchUp design? I am wondering if the design software is maybe exporting at a different size.