Print shrinkage

I have a Halot One that is new and has made some really nice prints that I downloaded from the Cloud or right off of the USB. They have no problems at all. Then I made one of the characters in my show for a print. I brought it into Chitubox Slicer, set it up, and it printed almost perfect with a little shrinkage.

I emailed Creality support and they replied with what I thought, to raise the Z axis number. Build plate and all is level, I clean it after each test/use as well(meaning trough and plate). I made two different sizes before trying to raise the Z axis number(this try I raised it by 6mm). I have attached the squished tries.

It looks perfect in Chitubox and the Halot One screen when printing, yet comes out squished. The character actually has a tall head it makes him look sillier. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thank you all for checking this out and I hope you have a fantastic day.

This is how he looks in Chitubox. His head is the right size here.

I have an incredible beast of a PC I do 3D animation on, so if PC can be an issue, it’s not here I assure you. I have an AMD Threadripper Pro, 128 gigs ram, AMD WD6800 Pro 32 gig graphics card.

I raised the Z axis before adding structures and the print came out perfect. No longer squished at all. I guess this could be marked solved.

This pic shows the corrected z axis print(tall version of character “Friend”). I thought I should show it so folks who have slight squishing can see how raising z axis numbers can fix the issue. Unfortunately my Halot One died at about 90% of the next print. The bar stopped raising so it is being replaced. It was either manufacturer error which happens, or upon completion of the tall print a tiny bit of resin came out and went down that hole where the rod that lifts is and dried the next day. Either way, a new printer is being shipped for free and all is awesome. Good luck folks and happy printing!!!