Printer seems to crash

Hi, Still having trouble with my “3s1pro” turn on this morning, level the 5 points all good, auto levelled seemed fine, hit PLA preheat as a normally do and inserted sd card as I waited for all to heat. selected file, returned to main screen, heat achieved, pressed print and waited. printer turned off and restarted. :0/ help.

I’ve seen in a few other posts lately that if a file name is not written correctly or has a special character or is too long that the printer will not process it…
Maybe try another file or card…?? :thinking:

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Here some reasons from the top of my head:

  • Power Supply Issue: Make sure the printer is plugged into a reliable power source. Problems here can cause the printer to restart.
  • Firmware Problem: Update or reinstall the printer’s software from Creality’s website to fix any bugs that might be causing issues.
  • SD Card Issue: Try a different SD card or reformat it, as problems with the card or files can cause errors.
  • Loose Connections: Check that all cables inside the printer are properly connected and nothing is loose. Make sure the printer is heating up as it should. Issues here might need a closer look at the hardware. Like the cable of the thermistor and the hot rod.
  • Factory Reset: Resetting the printer to its original settings might help.

Your issue is kinda random, but these are the things I would do if I have your problem.

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that’s a good list, cant wait to get started on it in the morning. thanks

Thanks’, ill try renaming it tomorrow

okay, it seems my problem is with the card reader. dose this mean I need a new motherboard?.

If you are certain there is a problem with your card reader you might need to contact Creality support for a replacement. I think this is the link:

Hope they get you a solution soon.