Printer selection

If you have to start over, or a friend or relative asks,
“I want to start 3d printing” , What printer would you suggest they start with and why? What other advise would you give them? Things you wish you knew when started with 3d printing….


Definitely a V3 SE but if they have the extra funds the V3 KE, pretty easy to use for a beginner.

What makes it “easy” for a beginner?

Apart from putting a half dozen screws in to assemble it. Plug it in (check your voltages first!!), it will do a self test for levelling. Read a file off of the SD or USB card, depending on printer and press print, there may be a little Z axis adjust but I think that would be needed on every single printer. Straight out the box, after assembly, printed a Benchy with no hitch. With SE it would be a about 5 clicks on the jog dial and off you go. I might set one up at work as it really is pop in the card and print.

I would say to first research the different machines.

Pick one that fits your budget but try to get the best you can afford because later as you learn more you’ll wish you’d gotten that other one… :cry:

The Ender V3 SE is a good machine as @Bonfireman said…

I personally would highly recommend Creality’s new Ender-3 V3. I just got one and it is nothing like the earlier Ender series machines. It is well put together and comparable to the K1,K1 Max and K1in speed and is wireless.

Ender-3 V3 Manual PDF

Was thinking of getting a V3 but I am a splitter and bought an Anycubic M5S resin machine instead, felt like a new challenge.

So let us know how you like that one… :thinking:
Do you have any other resin machines or is this a new direction…?

One of the things that make it easier for a beginner. (I’m still learning) is the leveling process. Many machines do this automatically and saves some time and is more accurate. (Most of the time)

You’ll still have to learn all about slicer settings and different plastics but that’s all part of the fun.

My first one. I have to print connector bungs so they don’t get filled with potting rubber, but FDM printing 1mm holes isn’t great so trying resin.

I guess this question has got to be linked to how much budget there is and how adept the user is with technology. Are they a person that will keep using the machine? Pointless spending top dollar if they will give up on it after a short while.