Printing PETG with Creality Print - K1C

Hi all.
I’m trying to print regular PETG fillament, but I’m not getting the same quality that my older 3 V2 .

I’m using Creality Print.

I’m not printing at 300 mm/s - like the default PETG profile - but at 55 mm/s like I used to, but still, I’m getting blobs and the top layer quality is not exactly great. And I can see a strange color change mid layers…

Any clue ? Thank you

This looks like inconsistent extrusion, maybe printed too cold.
The Creality Print profiles for filaments other than standard / hyper PLA are not that great out of the box, maybe try to adjust the temperature and cooling settings yourself or try profiles for Orca Slicer.

Be careful with the printbed, for PETG use glue stick as a release layer so it does not pull off a chunk of the build plate.

Hi !
Thank you for the reply.
I did try another print with a higher temperature than the default PETG profile has and it came way better.

Thank you