Printing problem with my under 3 pro v2

I can print with my 8GB TF memory but The card is not editable, my computer can’t see anymore this card. My under pro continue to see my files and print it but I can’t anymore use this TF card memory to add files on it.

When I use an other TF memory I can use the slicer and send it to that TFcard and my under pro can see it and begin to try to print it, but when printer arrive to print the left line before to begin the shirt or any brim, the printer stop and show the initial sceen when you open the printer.

I use slicer 4.8 and slicer 5.5 version and the printer react the same manner. This is a real strange problem.

Thanks to help me to find a solution to print new projet with a new TF card.


Hi @Boby21951 and welcome to the forums.

Try formatting your SD card with the FAT32 file format and you should hopefully see the card start to work again as normal. If you experience these issues often then always try to eject the SD card from your computer using the options in the taskbar to help prevent filesystem glitches.

Thank you so much for your time and help. Today I received some new TF card memory and all it work as suppose. I don’t understansd what appened but I can continue to use the new TF witn my under pro and new files.



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Thats excellent news @Boby21951! So glad to hear your printer is back up and running :slight_smile: