Printing problems NEED HELP

I’ve had problems with my prints turning out like this and I’ve changed nossle and I use default setting in cura I can’t figure out what’s wrong

Hello @UprightSnow6295…!! :wave:

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Let’s start with checking basic settings:
Is the filament roll dry…?
What heat settings are you using.?
Have you done calibrations like bed leveling and all that…?
My first guess would be your z offset height is too far from the bed. (Nozzle is too far away)

Brand new Creality brand filament
Nozzle, 200 bed 60
I had a friend who has been doing this for you, level it for me before that
It Worked just fine for a while but then I started doing big prints and stuff like that started happening

Something changed (like the slicer settings) if you were printing good and now it’s messing up…

Is it sticking to the bed during a print…?

A couple things:

Look at the recommended temp for the PLA. I know some rolls show 195°C - 220°C. You might try bumping up the nozzle temp to maybe try 220°C.

Look on the menu for the Z axis setting. After looking at the first layer you might need to adjust that.

Print out a square and send a pic of what the first layer looks like…

Even a brand new roll might need to be dried.