Printing problems

Can someone help?
Ive been looking online but cant find it, nor my friends cant help.
Ive bought a CR10 Smart Pro and it arrived last week. i built it up, ad started it up, and immediately it wanted to update according to this app, so ofc I did this. Now Friday, I finally got around to starting to print some things right? BUT whenever I print 1 of the 3 pre-programmed items (Rabbit, Flowerpot, Candy), it starts printing, but after 5/10 layers, the printhead/extruder doesnt want to move up during printing, thus either eventually hitting the print with the hot head, destroying the print, orrrr starts dragging it around instead.

Also an issue, the print not sticking properly to the heated bed half the time, no matter the temp. of the bed, it being 50 or 70 degrees.

Can someone help? Ive been looking at help vids online, but cant find anything on this…and its my 1st 3D printer too…Im really bunmed about this happening :sob:

Hello @Aeryon
Welcome…!! Thank you for joining the Creality Forum…

Sorry your new CR10 is not working right… :confused:
Hopefully someone on here has one and can help you out…

Have you done all the calibrations like the bed leveling and watch that it does it right…?
Look under the bed and check all the connections to make sure the screws are not loose.
Can you manually raise and lower the extruder assembly…?

Just throwing out ideas here… :thinking:

Hi, I think i have a similar problem, my first Smart works fine, the second one does strange things, have leveled the bed many times, seems to be a 0.1 difference between center and edge, edge being higher than center, Z offset around -3.45 first SMART has a Z of -3.9.
the prints start fine, then as you mentioned the nozzle seems to scrape across the print, pulling it off, I initially printed a 200mm high vase in spiral without problems, yet printing a 5mm thick picket fence, it always fails to finish, chewing up layers and throwing the print of the bed. I have not upgraded the firmware, have printed via SD card and via cloud, no difference, i dismantled and rebuilt the printer no improvement.

Ok, Looks like the problem is fixed.
it seems to me the manual bed leveling doesn’t work as good as it should, this is where you move the Z until a piece of paper just grips, then using the software it moves from the center to one of the edges, you then adjust the wheels to grip the paper and repeat, then when it seems ok, you do Auto leveling. the problem is in manual (Auxiliary leveling) when you move to the 5 points it seems the Z position is adjusted in software as you move around the bed, what i mean is the Z value changes as the motor drives to each of the four corners so your paper feels good but actually the bed is physically not level, the auto-level tries to fix this problem and during a print I could see the Z move 1/2 turn on layer 1, this means the bed is out by this amount and the auto leveling is correcting.

OK so to fix this i used calipers (you could use micrometers) and measured each corner from the underside of the wheel to the top of the bed and adjusted the bed height with the wheels underneath.
I then ran the manual part of leveling just on the center of the bed to set the Z- value. Then I ran the auto-leveling, and guess what the Z doesn’t move during the first layer print.
This has fixed the height difference I was seeing across the bed.
Basically the auto leveling could not cope with the bed so far off.
sorry for the long winded explanation but very happy now.

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