Printing via USB port with Cura on a Mac

I’m trying to get printing via USB and Cura using a Mac computer. (Ender-3)
When I plug in the USB it powers up the printer monitor with the main power switch off.
But, Cura doesn’t seem to see the printer, tells me it needs to be connected.

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That shouldn’t happen so I’ll ask which Mac are you using? I’m using Macs but only intel based and have never seen that happen.
Are you using a newer M1-3 chip?

| Chip:|Apple M1|
Running Montery 12.6.4

You need to block the power pin or get a non power usb cable as it will send power to the main board via usb

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Exactly so. Thanks.

There are also issues with slicer software on the M series chips but the power thru pin is the problem there.

A port meant for a USB drive is not the same as one intended for power intake and the mainboard is not set up via the firmware to accept incoming power thru the USB which is why yhe screen lights despite the printer being off.

To avoid possibly damaging the board I’d just stick with USB drives or wifi/ethernet.

You can tape over the power pin on the usb or remove it using tweezers or buy a cable that has the power disabled on it. That’s how you do klipper or octoprint

As for m chips it’s all about the drivers if you can get them you should be good

Thanks for your help.
Just ordered a 3v2 Neo, new this time not open box. Also a 4.2.7 board for the Ender-3.
I want a machine that works and will enjoy the challenge of making the other one work as well.
As a side note: I’m a retired teacher, when I started, the computer lab was Apple IIe’s and a filing cabinet full of 5 1/4 floppies.
I remember when USB came around some plugs had power, some didn’t.
Of course that was before USB powered the world.

I can feel that. My first day of Computers 1 in grade 9 of September 1980 we all sat down to newly unboxed TRS-80 IIs with cassette data and 5.25FDDs and monochrome 12 inch monitors.
Turns out I knew more than the teacher due to having a PET of my own.
Good times.

Truth is stranger than fiction?
Installed the 4.2.7 board and got the printer working.
Very quiet!
I wanted the 3D printer for my guitar making hobby to make templates for inlays with a router and jigs/tools.
This piece is an alignment tool for drill holes for the strings.
Thanks for your help.