Prints get melted

Hey, I got an ender 3 for Christmas and after a lot of troubleshooting, I finally got it assembled. I did 4 or five prints without problem, but recently I’ve had my prints getting screwed up. As far as I can tell, the nozzle is dragging through the print as it goes and it melts and pushes the plastic up in a blob. Is that something with the Z axis screwed up, or is it putting out too thick layers? I can’t find anything like this on YT or anywhere. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you fix it?

So you were able to get several prints to come out good…

What changed?

Different filament, slicer setting, Nozzle…?

It looks like it 's sticking pretty good to the build plate.
Maybe over extrusion would cause that…
What slicer are you using…?

I dont know, I had to re-level my bed, but I didn’t change anything in my process… I have tried messing around with the height, putting the nozzle closer and further away from the bed, hasn’t helped

I replaced the nozzle in response to the problem, but that didnt help. same filament, and I dont think I changed the settings. I’m using Cura.

Looks like the Fan is not working so the layers are not cooling on time and got melted, check that your fans are working properly. I found my 3v3SE had some issues with the cooling fan connection after a week of non stop printing.

how would I check that? The fan is spinning fine and I can’t tell if anything is messed up

At which speed is printing? If the Fan is spinning ok (in the display 255 value means 100% and it makes a little bit noisy sound) then could be that the speed is too high for the fan to cool down the layer. There are some mods in Reddit 3v3SE community to place a double fan for the head that allows faster speeds.

Also be sure the temperature material is the correct for your filament type by doing a Temp Tower so you will be 100 sure about the degrees to work to avoid melting material.

I went in and cleaned the nozzle system off and reset all of the slicer settings and that did the trick. thank you for your help @Iroh3d! you set me on the track to check the fan/nozzle system.

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