Prints not sticking

Hi, new here and to printing. Just bought myself an Ender-3 Max Neo and after a lot of faff, managed to print a couple of things although I’m having lots of issues with prints sticking to the bed. The bed is the stock one (made of glass) and not changed anything on the printer. The bed is completely level and triple checked with the paper trick. I’ve set the Z-Offset and I’m using hairspray to help adhesion. After every attempted print, I’m removing the glass bed and soaking it in warm soapy water, drying it, adding a thin layer of hairspray and putting it back without touching the surface. Managed to print the boat with no issues along with a couple of small things but with larger prints, they tend to just come off the bed midway through printing.

I’m using the stock PLA filament you get with the printer and setting the bed temp to 80 and nozzle temp to 220 (as I’m finding this is the only way it sticks!). I’ve also reduced the printing speed down to 60 (not tried every speed but anything 80 or above seems to make the print come off the bed).

I’m a total noob and have very little knowledge about 3D printing but can’t think of anything else I can try? Any advice? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello @DeskWarriorJoe :wave:

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It looks like you’ve done everything to get that print to stick…

What slicer are you using and what did you set the Z offset to…?
Make sure there is no play in the bed.

Sometimes it helps to print a one layer square (3"x3") to see how the filament is laying down…

For the slicer I’ve tried both cura and the creality one which comes on the USB. For the offset, it’s -2.90. I have managed to successfully print a calibration cube from thingiverse, it seems to be just bigger things it won’t print

That’s quite a bit of Offset…

Creality Print…??

Yes creality print that’s the one. Seems to be slightly more successful than Cura

A couple things I can think of is there is too much offset and the nozzle is pushing the filament off the bed.
Also try to print one layer maybe a 3 x 3 or 4 square…send a pic…

What is a ‘normal’ offset? When trying to make the bed level, was struggling to get it any higher hence why the offset was so low. I will get pictures tomorrow as I am out for the night sorry!

Maybe reset it and check this Creality Video:

Neo Bed Level and Z Offset

Sounds like your to high of the bed… if not warm soapy water is the way to go then simply wipe dry with tissue… important to use tissue as it absorb any grease etc left on the buildplate. Hairspray shouldn’t be necessary…

Failing that your z height is the issue, play around with your offset whilst printing the first layer to get an idea of how the layer should look.

Also makesure your nozzle is sqaure to the bed and that thier is no gap between your ptfe and nozzle causing drag on your filament.

Also you can always slow your first layer speed down and increase flow a little. :slight_smile:

Okay so I reset the configuration on the console and started over with levelling the Z-Axis then set the Z-Offset (which somehow was worse to -3.20). I then made the bed temp to 70, nozzle still on 220 and kept print speed to 60 to start with. After first few layers, put speed up to 80 and left it. Tried with a few different prints and that now seems to be working :+1:t2: so think the issue was Z-Axis not set correctly and bed temp poss too high. Thanks for replies both :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it’s working… Have fun…!! :+1: :smiley: