Probe offsets- Bl touch

i have recenetly upgraded my Ender-5 pro to the 4_1_7 mother board and added PLTouch. Ever since I have been chasing offsets. It seems to change. Currently it is-7.85 and now the bed leveling does not work as the bed has to travel to far. When I first started it up, it was 2.1 and keeps changing now. I homed the machine, then used z axis to raise until paper had a bit of tension under nozzle and set that as the probe offset. What am I doing wrong. I save the settings after changes. I feel I need to start with a clean sheet but does not seem to make a difference. Any suggestions? TIA

Hi @racingcows and welcome to the forums.

When doing the paper test you need to make sure you have set your z value to 0 beforehand and then you need to adjust the z offset and not the probe offset. The probe offset is usually the difference between the nozzle and the probe, not the probe and the bed.

Once you have the bed leveled using the paper method you should then ask the printer to probe the entire bed to create a mesh of the surface.

When you then start printing you can adjust your z offset as required to bring the nozzle closer to the bed to find the correct z offset.

I have been out on business trips and getting back to this know. I don’t have a z-offset setting. I am recently upgraded the main board and to the latest version of Marlin. Is there a setting in Marlin I am missing to get z-offset setting back?

Z offset adjustment only usually shows up during a print, z offsets should always be modified during a print to ensure the nozzle doesnt scratch the bed or remain too far from the bed.