Problem with new K1 Max

I keep having layer issues on the 1st few layers. It looks like it’s limited to the front of the plate where it’s either lifting or not getting put down properly.
I am attaching a pic of the issue when printing

a bed level test.

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Give that build plate a good cleaning with some alcohol and try again…

Thanks that solved it!
Didn’t realize that needed to be done regularly. Good thing I had some alcohol for my resin printer left.
Got my first 48 hour print to do so I cleaned it again and put down a coating of glue to be extra sure.
Since I have your ear, another question.
I printed out an overhang test and it printed successfully even up to 70°
Is this the same as maximum angle under supports and if so should i changed that to 70?

I don’t want to steer you wrong on that one as I’m not really sure so maybe someone else can answer with more experience on that setting… :thinking:

Fair enough.
Are you familiar with the LIDAR and AI failure detection as neither seems to be working for me?
The failure in the pic wasn’t detected and in fact, kept printing enough to hit the side fan with a loud bang.
The Lidar isn’t working because my very first print didn’t extrude at all and it just kept trying to print.
I already put in a support ticket for it but have no idea how fast they are. I only have a 2-week window for returns and other than the auto-leveling future, those were my other 2 main features I was looking forward to. extruding issues and failed prints being paused.

Do you have the settings for Lidar turned on in the printer menu…?

I have used the Lidar and it’s never really done anything useful for me that I can see. As far as I know it doesn’t detect no extrusions or air printing stuff like that. I’ve had it pause (when I was using it) and show an error for some unknown reason…

I actually have taken it off and don’t use it… I’m not bashing it but from what I’ve read it needs some more polishing to get it to it’s full potential…

I can look at my first layer and tell if the print will survive without the Lidar…

I have no idea how to tell if it’s on in Creality Print or not.
Can you point me in the right direction?

What about the AI print failure detection?
I’d like to think that it would have paused the printing on that bed level before letting it get to the point that a part of it can off the print bed and slammed into the fan. Even if it didn’t prevent that it should have been enough to stop the print after that happened.

On the printer itself look at the menu under:

settings (gear icon) / Camera / AI function

ThanKs again!
This is supposed to be a main feature and for the life of me I don’t understand why this wasn’t on by default…

I see you have gotten this issues fixed. Wanted to say that our purchase of a new PEI bed helps us a lot with our prints and was a great update. If you are getting a lot of clogs, we bought the new flowtech hotend from Micro Swiss and have been clog free for a long time. (knock on wood) It’s a great printer and you should have a great time working with it.

As for the Lidar, ours works from what I gather, but we do not use the AI fault feature.

So far I haven’t had any clogs even with carbon fiber pla.
Do you have links to your upgrades?
Also, while the bed is easy enough whats involved with upgrading the hotend to a non Creality version?
Not sure I’m willing to cut any wires (had to do that when I upgraded my OG CR-10) or reprogram any gcode or anything.

This is the hot end I purchased. and this video was VERY helpful to install it.

No need to do it until you think you need to, but I was getting clogs all the time. This hotend changed the game for me.

I know you can do it. :slight_smile: