Problem with the first print layer

I am having problems with the initial print layer on the new CR-M4 printer. If the first layer doesn’t mess up the whole print, the print comes out nicely: (photo 1. - Unfortunately, due to forum restrictions, I can only add two photos to this post.)

I have done an auto leveling:

I then set the z-index to the thickness of the sheet of paper. However, when printing it seemed that the nozzle was too low:

(photo 2.)

I raised the nozzle up increased the z-index by one step. The first layer looked better, but it was still not good:
(photo 3-4)

I raised the nozzles up again increased the z-index by one step. The first layer looked worse:
(photo 5.)

Just in case, I checked that the nozzle was not clogged. It wasn’t. The cleaner went from the top through the hotend and out through the nozzle without any problems.

What could be the problem? What should I do?

photo 1:

photo 2:

photo 3-4:

photo 5:

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A couple things to check for starters…

Make sure the bed is cleaned well with some Isopropyl alcohol.

Make sure the filament is dried.

Thank you for the hints.

Cleaning with IPA did not change anything.
In the meantime, I detected a loose pulley on the Z axis. I will correct this and also dry the filament. Then we will see if this makes a difference.

@jimandyen I did what I wrote about earlier and unfortunately it didn’t help.

It looks like in one place the nozzle is too low and 2 cm further on it is too high (the filament does not stick to the table):

What else can I do?

What temps are you using…
Nozzle and Bed…?
Try a different filament for a test if nothing is working…

I have a roll of blue PLA filament that I’m drying again… I couldn’t get it to stick or look good on that first layer. Other filaments work just fine same settings…
Sometimes it’s just that one roll… :cry:

I am using the default printer settings (200 / 60 °C) and the PLA filament included in the printer.

I’ll check with a different filament, but the problem only affects the initial phase of printing. If by chance everything doesn’t break down completely at the beginning, it prints fine later - the print is perfect.

The result of the auto-leveling is correct? You can’t see any problems there?