Question about silicon bed mounts

So I just got a set of new silicon mounts and I see 3 of 4 are 18mm height and one is 16mm height.

I think the set comes like this, with one mount smaller, to compensate the most deformed side in your printing bed.

So I installed them, and used the smallest in the corner I have more deformation, and I realize I will need to use washers to get them properly level. First install I use them without washers and the adjustment wheel was too loose.

I used a couple washers and finished with 3 washers of 1mm. I basically ended with the same height as the other 3 supports (18mm height). I am gonna check and try a print with this configuration.

I read that it is recommended to have your bed mesh closer to Zero.

Here my mesh data for comparison with the original springs, with 1 washer in the smaller column and with 2 washer in the same one.

My question is… Is this expected? To use washers in the smallest silicon mount? Am I using this upgrade correctly? What do you think about the mesh data I have.

I still making tests with both configurations.

My guess would be that the shorter mount would be used where the bed wire mount is located (at least on an Ender 3 V2, not sure about the S1 Pro). The plastic wire support is about 2mm thick in the middle, which would level that corner up.

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Correct the smaller one is for the corner where the wires go in the bed as the gap is smaller due to the plastic part that keeps the wires safe

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So far printer works great with the silicon columns, washers did a great job.

Thanks for the feedback regarding the main use for these.

No problem. Yeah they solved a lot on my Neo too