Question about weird printing screwups.

Most times it prints very nicely, but I’ve been having trouble with this console lid I created.

Most of the settings are default. I am using ABS and running at 230/110 inside an enclosure. I am using 0% cooling and the bed is level.

I keep getting little bits that didn’t adhere floating around the print and there’s this part at one end of the print that looks like an X where it’s flaring up, for lack of a better description. After the print is finished, the X looks like a mountain range lol.

Sorry I’m not used to writing in a printer forum and don’t know how to describe this stuff very well.

Bare with me! Please let me know if any more information would be helpful as far as settings are concerned.

See pics.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Hello @Asterios_Anagnostou

Welcome to the Creality Forum :wave: Creality

It looks like your settings are pretty much in line with what you need for ABS.

The main thing to check on your ABS is if it is dry enough. If not you will have all kinds of problems. Like PLA ABS is also hygroscopic and absorbs moisture if not placed in a dryer or low humidity.

Make sure the bed is cleaned with alcohol to remove fingerprints or other contaminants. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After you dry it out I would maybe try bumping up the nozzle temp a little.(250°C)

Also what brand of ABS filament are you using as different manufacturers have different requirements…?

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Thanks for the reply Jim.

I’m using the Creality brand filament. I definitely use the alcohol pre-print and it’s worked a lot better since I started that =D

I was under the impression that this particular head/nozzle set up could only support up to 240 degrees before parts of it started melting lolol.

BTW, what sort of evidence would suggest it’s too hot or too cold? Asking so I can kinda get a understanding of what I’m looking at as it’s printing.

Do you have an suggestions on a good drier?

Thanks so much for your response!

I use IPA (Alcohol) all the time now.

I’m not familiar with the Ender series as I use a K1 Max but I’m sure there are many more users here with a fix for you… Sorry…

I use a household food dryer like the kind to make dried fruits and beef jerky when my wife isn’t looking. It holds several rolls. Works good… The room here is kept at a constant 35-40% humidity so it stays dry.

There are many types of dryers out there made specifically for filaments and you can keep the roll in it while you are printing… I couldn’t tell you which is better. Just have to research the reviews…

So the main thing is to dry out that roll first because it it’s wet it doesn’t matter how good your settings are it won’t print:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Copy, got a drier on the way!!!

I will let you know how that goes.

Do you think I should go a little hotter on the nozzle??

I would start with the manufacturers recommended temps. You could research online for best ABS temps as I haven’t experimented yet with it…

On my K1 Max it shows to use a nozzle temp of 260°C

Hey again Jim

Man, I’m at a loss. I really wonder if there’s a problem with the slice or my settings somewhere. It’s doing the same thing, in the same spot, with different filament. Also, to verify it’s not a location thing, I rotated the part 90 degrees on the bed and tried again and got the same result. That weird “X”.

I ran it at 250 for a minute but couldn’t control the filament coming out of the nozzle at that temp. This last run was 240, and it still leaked out however, the overall printing does look a little smoother up until the obvious breakage.

Is that ABS in the picture…? If it is I see a definite improvement in that first layer… :+1:

Not sure I understand what you mean by “leaked out”. Shouldn’t really be doing that.
Nozzle size…?
Does the nozzle temp hold accurate…?
What slicer are you using?

Check the slicer settings and make sure you haven’t inadvertently changed something and forgot to change it back… (guilty done that… :unamused:)

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3Dlac was my go to I had had loads of problems with ABS then used 3Dlac and first print was spot on

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Hey all, thanks for the responses. I was locked out of the account for about a week and couldn’t respond.

I got it to work, but I can’t say what actually fixed it because I changed two things haha. I changed the slicer and added some bed adhesive and that did the trick. It was probably the bed adhesive though.

Jim, so sometimes the filament comes out of the nozzle pre print. It just kinda leaks out slowly while it’s sitting there. Sometimes it screws up the beginning of the print, but not always. It’s a stock 1.75.

Great to hear that it’s printing better… Curious on which slicer you used and what you changed to… :thinking:

I used the stock creality slicer initially and switched to the ultimaker one. It seemed almost identical. At least I believe it was that one. I can verify once I get home.