Recycling old clean spools

Hi, I’m running an Ender3pro which I “rescued” and refurbed. My son is 12 and he has liberated it from me and is loving it.

I’m getting through some spool and looking to recycle my old spools. I’m based in the UK. Does anyone know where I can send them so they aren’t just landfill? At the moment I have a box of 30 (yes I know I should print less :rofl:) and it just irks me to think of them being sent to landfill… help please!

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I don’t think there is. Be nice to send the back to the manufacturer for a refill, but that won’t be economical. At work I have a mixed recycle bin, mainly for cardboard, but drinks can and other recyclables go in there, I chuck my reels in there. Perhaps look for filament that is on a cardboard reels, something like Overture filament. make filament here in the UK and use cardboard reels, bit more money though.

We have city recycle bin that’s collected once a week. I throw all my rolls in there…

I saw an ad on… can’t remember now… anyways someone was selling a bunch of those spools…

I’m even happy to pay shipping to return to manufacturer. I’m not expecting a free spool in return I just don’t like the waste. :rofl:

You can reuse them to make a storage project.

I mean it just an idea. Send them back to the manufacturer sounds effective when you have many like in this case like you.

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I’m in the uk and the council pick up plastic and card at the kerb. Pop mine in the right bag and say goodbye

I’m actually using mine for different (re)purposes. Tool holders, extension cord spool… It keeps my brain working to think of different uses. I’m not in the UK but here in the USA we can recycle them at our local dump.

Saw this idea on Creality Cloud for reusing spools… :bulb:

Spool Tree Idea

Spool Clock

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