Removing Air Hose from Laser Module?

Does anyone know how to remove the air hose from the laser module?

Because of the barbed fitting on the laser module, just pulling on the hose doesn’t seem to work. Because the fitting is recessed into a cutout, I can’t seem to roll the hose off.

Short of cutting the hose, I’m at a loss on how to remove it. There has to be a trick to doing this.

I just went to the garage to try it on mine, and if I pull hard enough (not too hard!) and wiggle it a bit, it does come off.
I know that I did remove it just after setting it up (I had it mangled with the power cable), so I had to remove it to reinstall properly. Not sure if it was harder the first time…
I guess if you pull and see it stretching too much, that might be an issue.

Good luck!

Well, I wiggled and twisted and pulled and no luck. Eventually, it looks like I pulled too hard and tore the hose. :frowning:

Once there was a hole in the hose, I could fit a large needle through the hole and, with quite a bit of work, coaxed the hose off the connector.

Now my hose is going to be a little bit shorter. :frowning:

There has to be a better way of doing this. Maybe I originally pushed the hose too far down on the connector… :man_shrugging:

Oh! Sorry to hear that!

At least, you’re not loosing too long on the hose.
Sorry if I made you break it, but on the other hand, at least you now have it out :woozy_face:
If you have a 3D printer, you might want to print an extension that would connect to the barded fitting on the laser module, or even use a straw that would fit snug, on which you could fit the hose. I’m sure it would take a lot of air pressure to push out the hose from the fitting.

Anyway - again sorry for making you break it!

I had the same kind of issue trying to pull out the cap with the filter on the air pump.
According to the instructions, you’re supposed to be able to pull the plastic cover out to inspect the filter. Well, when I did, I broke the round thing that holds the plastic cover to the pump! I have to use a small piece of tape to hold it in place. I might try to print myself one.

@Zolt, you most definitely did not make me break it. It broke because of my impatience.

Unfortunately, I currently do not have a 3D printer in my arsenal. That would be a great solution here. I’d try a plastic straw but those are in short supply now. I’ll see if I can find one that works here.

Barring that, I think I’ll try just not fully seating it on the connector when I replace it. Only push it down far enough not to come off when the air is on full.

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