Replacement for blue ptfe tube K1

After receiving k1 it worked perfectly. But when I used the cr-series silk blue creality filament the pronter clogged. A piece of filament was tuck in the heat break. This needed some fiddling around the blue tube which did not get significantly damage. Although filament got stuck in the throat 2 more tomes and in the tube. Now after trying to unclog it, its completely unusable. Does anypne know a kind of DIY replacement? I need to wait a couple of days for the capricorn one.

You can use any PTFE tube as long as it’s straight.
Make sure to cut the piece to the exact length when you replace it. If it’s a tiny bit too long the extruder motor won’t set in very well. I clean the ends up so the filament won’t catch when you are feeding it in.


Also replied in another thread where the same conversation was being had…

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