Requesting warranty

A month ago, I purchased a CR10 SE printer, and unfortunately, a part broke. How can I activate the warranty or obtain a replacement part?

Here is a link to the support page:

Support Page

Send an email to with pictures and purchase information.

“I have sent several emails and have not received any response.”

Best bet is to send one email and await a response, if you send too many emails you could run the risk of pushing yourself further down the queue as they would have to check each and every email you sent to see if anything changed between each of them. Support generally reply within 24-48 hours but at busy times this can be a little longer.

Understood, thank you for the guidance. I will send an email now and await the response. If I don’t hear from them within 48 hours, I will reach out again. I appreciate the information about avoiding excessive email communication.

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You’re very welcome, I hope you get the printer back up and running soon!

Yikes, that’s the load-cell mount. How did it break?

PS: I made a mod to keep the nozzle from moving downwards under the extruder pressure. I can send the details if you want.