Sample Prints Maybe?

I am going into business and am researching printers. I currently use a QIDI X-Plus that is working good but, if my product sales I will be looking for another printer with at least 180mm Z height. The K1 is looking like it fits my needs.

The only problem I have now is Ringing around my text that I can reduce with lower speed, acceleration and jerk. Printing ASA @ 50 mm/s. Creality boast of their G-Sensor but all the reviews I watch online have worse ringing than I do. One reviewer agreed that he was running as fast as possible and not concerned with the ringing so I assume that is the mindset of all the reviews I watched.

So my question is could I send Creality a file to be printed?
I would compare the results of the K1 print to my current print for quality and speed.

Thanks for your time