Santa-Christmas Tree Gift Model Design

Printing Machine: - Ender 3 Max Neo
Selected materials: 1) Premium Creality Black Filament PLA 2) Creality Daisy White Filament PLA 3) Premium Creality Red Filament PLA 4) Premium Creality Blue Filament PLA 5) Premium Creality Green Filament PLA.
Print Setting: For Printing Parts, I have provided print setting for every single parts as well as combination of part print files (You can check it out by clicking stl file link). The basic machine setting is as,

  1. Slicer Software: Creality Slicer 4.8
  2. Retraction: 4mm
  3. Retraction speed: 111mm/s.
  4. Nozzle Temp: 200 c.
  5. Build Plate Adhesion: Skirt.

For More detail setting (About filament, profile, layer height, infill & support) please check out link provided bellow for stl file and Gcode file according to 50-60mm/s speed.
Time Spent on printing: 40 to 44 Hours including setting and all.
Description: This is second model for Christmas design contest, I was decided to make one more interesting model for all ages in such way that it should be appreciated in all ways purpose and should be closed to heart with same miniature format. I loves the Santa Dance that brings lot of happiness among us, so I decided to make a Sweet Santa Dancing in front of Christmas tree with full of gift. So I named this model as “Santa-Christmas Tree Gift”. This model is fully mechanically operated with dancing Santa and rotating Christmas tree. i was really enjoined during this model make assembly. I am very thankful to my supporter and followers. I will provide more interesting designs to all.
STL Link: Santa-Christmas Tree Gift | 3D models download | Creality Cloud
Country/Region: India.