Scan Cleanup Workflow?

Hi All,

I just got my first Ferret Pro. I have used an Occipital Structure and Skanect for scanning over the last decade. My typical work flow in Skanect would be to capture the point cloud, generate the mesh, export the mesh, do scan clean up in Meshmixer, and then export the mesh back into Skanect. At this point, I run the colorize option to generate the UV and texture map. I then export the obj with color for printing.

My question is: what is the best workflow for scan cleanup with the Ferret Pro and Creality Scan? There isn’t an option to export the mesh and then reimport it after cleaning to generate color. This is critically important to my operation and I am not sure that I can actually use this scanner without being able to fix the mesh before coloring.

Any advice would be great. I’m even happy to learn something like ZBrush if someone can give me the basic workflow.


I try to get a scan that is as clean as possible, then I remove the points in the point cloud that don’t seem to belong there as good as I can, because it’s more annoying to remove them later on. I agree that there could be be more options for exporting and importing projects and generally undoing things while scanning and also while post processing. You can send suggestions here: User's Voice - Creality

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I try to do the same. But sometimes, I only have a few minutes to scan someone, so the majority of the work is in post. I’ve started learning how to bake textures from high poly to low poly models and that’s helpful, but still not exactly what I need. I’m working on a user report to submit to Creality now, so hopefully that will help.