Scraping / plowing through print after first few layers

So the first layers are fins, but after a few the printer head starts plowing into the stuff printed below and just keeps going over the same stuff and scraping it out. When left for a longer period of time, the leveling wheels ended up coming undone and I have no idea what happened as it was printing fine for a few days after we bought it and then this started happening. Leveling is fine-tuned, tightened the bolts shown on the setup video as they had become loose with the problematic printing but it seems to keep repeating.

It looks to me like your printer is either over extruding filament or your filament is damp and needs drying out.

When printers over extrude they lay too much filament down on each layer so when the printer starts the next layer it collides with the filament.

The alternative is that your filament has pulled humidity out of the air and become damp. When filament gets damp it causes the moisture in the filament to boil when passing through the hotend which can make the filament bulge and look rough.

If you want to test out drying your filament and dont have a filament dryer… try popping the spool in a food dehydrator for a few hours or if you dont have one you could always pop the spool in your oven at around 50°C for approx 2 to 3 hours.

Thanks for your quick response. I don’t think that’s the issue as this only happens on the magnetic bed that came with the printer. I also purchased a PEI bed later to test out and my prints operate fine on that, but the magnetic bed causes the head to scrape and go over the same print area repeatedly instead of moving up.

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What @Nikoli said is a good thing to check.
That is really strange that you only have that issue with the Magnetic plate…
Tried different filaments with same result…?

We use this dehydrator with the (9 trays) version because it has moveable racks to put the rolls in. I think it holds 4 big rolls and maybe 8 or 9 smaller rolls…


Also don’t forget that if you change your build surface that you will likely need to adjust your Z offset as not all build surfaces are the same thickness. The probe will cancel out some of the offset but you should always re-level the bed and re-calibrate your bed mesh whenever you change build platforms.

If you can also try different filament to rule out the roll your currently using as @jimandyen said above.

Hello @saba12m

How’s that printer working. Ever get figured out. I was wondering what caused that…?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: