Seeking tips/advise to "design" dove tails or similar joints

Hi all.
I’ve been fiddling with Fusion 360 for my 3D printer for a couple years. Never got that great at it, but I’m able to create the gizmos I need when I have to.
I’ve just started this laser cutter/engraver journey and I do see the potential about joining planks cut by laser together (see as a great example).
Now, I’d like to create my own stuff - not rely on pre-made templates.
I was wondering if anybody had tips/experience in doing this type of joins manually in whatever tool (Fusion360, Lightburn, …)
Thanks - As always, any help is appreciated!

There are many ways to create joints in 3D prints and recently I came across this awesome video by Tom at Made With Layers. He demonstrates several different techniques for creating joints so hopefully this video will be of some help for you too :smiley:

Size isn’t everything - 4 ways to print LARGE parts with a 𝘀𝗺𝗮𝗹𝗹 3D Printer!

Thanks Nikoli.
I’ll have a look at that video during the week-end!

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